#1710 Image "desc" not shown properly



Try inserting this code in your wiki (checking allow html):

desc=Extended menu}::

desc="Extended menu">::

In Tiki 1.8.4:
1st part (Wiki code) shows the image properly, but the
description only shows the first word ("extended). See
screenshot attached.
2nd part (html code) shows the image, and no
description at all.

In Tiki 1.9.CVS (tw.o):
1st part (Wiki code): __doesn't show the image!!!!__,
and shows only the "Extended" part of the "desc" param.
2nd part: I couldn't see the efecte since I have no
access to allow html. :-(


  • Sylvie Greverend

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    1) Desc is not a valid html attribute, so it will do nothing
    in a html code
    2) You can do {img src=xxx desc="Extended menu"} like this
    you will have all the text
    3) If you display a gif image and not a png image on tw.org,
    it works. On my latest 1.9 CVS, a png works too. As a lot of
    changes have been done yesterday on the img gal .... we need
    to wait for a tw update

  • Sylvie Greverend

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    • status: open --> pending
  • Xavier de Pedro

    Xavier de Pedro - 2004-10-20
    • status: pending --> open
  • Xavier de Pedro

    Xavier de Pedro - 2004-10-20

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    Thanks for the info, Sylvie.
    I would suggest to fix the bugs in the 1.8.x, so that we can
    still use a stable version until we see the first stable 1.9
    release to come.
    Is this fixed there in 1.8.x?

  • Sylvie Greverend

    Logged In: YES

    The problem to fix bug in 1.8 is to be sure not to
    reintroduce other bugs. And as a developper I use and test
    1.9 daily not 1.8. I personnally think it is risky to do that.
    You are free to backport the fixes yourself ... You can
    convince somebody or hire a person ready to do it


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