#1652 phplayers menu half hidden in mozilla firefox 0.9


I log in as admin

I placed a user-module containing a phplayer menu for
application_menu on the left colum, 1st position.

In 2nd position remains the original aplication_menu
module, of no-phplayer type.

Weird behaviour happens when clicking on the "+" square
on the left of "+Admin" in some .css theme styles (of
user-module phplayer-menu app_menu): folder icon of
"Admin" option is opened, submenu seems to be
displayed, but behind the second menu module.

* happened using geo-light.css, moreneat.css, tiki.css
and damian.css in both tiki 1.8.4 and 1.9rc2;
* but worked fine with simple.css in tiki1.9.rc2, and
nearly fine with simple.css in tiki1.8.4.: submenus
couldn't be hidden again clicking on the "-" icon.)
* worked 100% fine (at least for me) with notheme.css
in both tiki1.8.4, tiki1.9rc2, with MozFirefox0.9.

However, the same thingy doesn't happen on MS I
Explorer 5.0, but it works fine there on all the above
themes - unluckily... I don't like better functioning
of MS IE than nice free soft. as moz. firefox... :-( ,
although there are other things that are worse
interpreted by MS IE 5.0, of course, than MozFirefox
0.9, text boxes in central column, ... :-) :-) :-)

If screendump needed, please ask theme, tiki versions
and browser.

In case this issue can be fixed by updating phplayers
code inside any specific .tpl, I'd love a hint on which
code to include to fix it temporarily before the next
stable release.
Thanks. :-)


  • Marc Laporte

    Marc Laporte - 2007-09-05

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    This has been tested/fixed on themes.tikiwiki.org

  • Marc Laporte

    Marc Laporte - 2007-09-05
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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