#1637 Wiki: tiki_p_edit, tiki_p_view and tiki_p_admin_wiki


A page has as permissions, tiki_p_admin_wiki for group

Problem : a user from Editeurs group cannot edit the page.

If you add permission tiki_p_edit to Editeurs group,
the problem is still here : the user from Editeurs
group cannot edit the page.

The user can edit the page only if the Editeurs group
has permissions tiki_p_view AND tiki_p_edit. For me
this is a bug: permissions tiki_p_edit OR
tiki_p_admin_wiki are sufficient.

I have take a look at the code and for me the problem
is at the line 429 of file tiki-editpage.php :

"// check for both edit and view perm; no view perm
means no edit perm either
if (!$userlib->object_has_permission($user, $page,
'wiki page', 'tiki_p_edit') or
!$userlib->object_has_permission($user, $page,
'wiki page', 'tiki_p_view')) { ..."

Why do you want to test tiki_p_view ? Test just
tiki_p_edit or tiki_p_admin_wiki and reverse the
condition: this is not a OR but a AND :

"if(!$userlib->object_has_permission($user, $page,
'wiki page', 'tiki_p_edit') and
!$userlib->object_has_permission($user, $page, 'wiki
page', 'tiki_p_admin_wiki')) {"


  • Philippe Cloutier

    Logged In: YES

    This behavior comes from revision by teedog, I'm
    not sure why he requested tiki_p_view. Let's ask him.

  • Philippe Cloutier

    • milestone: 420333 --> All_versions
    • assigned_to: nobody --> teedog
    • labels: 579491 -->
  • teedog

    teedog - 2004-09-03

    Logged In: YES

    A user that does not have tiki_p_view should not be allowed
    to edit a page because the wiki edit page allows users to
    view the wiki page source as well as the rendered content
    (through the preview function). To me, tiki_p_edit without
    tiki_p_view is a contradiction. That's my reasoning. I
    forget if it was prompted by a bug report which said
    something similar.

  • teedog

    teedog - 2004-09-03

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry I missed the first point in your bug report. It is a
    bug that users with tiki_p_admin_wiki cannot edit. Someone
    with tiki_p_admin_wiki should have the power to view and
    edit, so the contradiction I mentioned below doesn't apply.

  • Philippe Cloutier

    • status: open --> pending-wont-fix
  • Philippe Cloutier

    Logged In: YES

    OK so no point for keeping this open...this Won't fix.
    Note that I presume that Christophe didn't actually
    experience the refuse to edit with only tiki_p_admin_wiki,
    which should work since tiki_p_admin_wiki implies
    tiki_p_edit in tiki-pagesetup.php.
    One thing confusing is that we do have permissions that
    imply other permissions (admin permissions), and the right
    to edit seems to imply the right to view. Well :|

  • crequill

    crequill - 2004-09-06

    Logged In: YES

    Philippe, I test with only tiki_p_admin_wiki and it doesn't
    Perhaps there is some bugs in tiki-pagesetup.php ?

    If edit implies view, please write it in the docs :)

  • crequill

    crequill - 2004-09-06
    • status: pending-wont-fix --> open-wont-fix
  • Philippe Cloutier

    • status: open-wont-fix --> closed-wont-fix
  • Philippe Cloutier

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry, tiki_p_admin_wiki will only imply the rest from 1.9
    if you have custom permissions set on the target page. Do
    you? Do you have this problem on all pages? If yes I think
    something's wrong, tiki-setup_base.php should attribute
    other permissions.

    About the documentation of the "permissions hierarchy", I'm
    not familiar with it so please fix it yourself if you think
    something's wrong.


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