#1401 Articles: Create/Edit article using NEWNOTSYN packets

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I've spent the past week trying to track this one down.
What happens is this:

My server runs on an SSL connection and other than
this runs very smoothly (great work!) :).

However, whenever I try to create/edit an article, on
saving the article, the connection hangs. ie. My browser
will sit for the longest time waiting for a response from
the server. Ultimately nothing ever comes back.
However the form data is sent and received by the
server since if I shutdown the browser, re-open it and
connect to the site, my article is there with the

This seems to only happen when creating/editing
articles from an external site. Doing this locally on my
server box or on another box on the LAN seems to work

I would attribute this to the use of NEWNOTSYN
packets which I noticed were being sent as a result of
article saves. Originally my problem was server-side
where outgoing NEWNOTSYN packets were being
dropped by my firewall. I have since fixed that and the
problem is still there, which leads me to believe the
problem is client-side now - which is worse, since I have
no access to the firewall here at work. Though it is a
guess, I wouldn't doubt that the firewall here at work is
dropping NEWNOTSYN packets. It is the default setting
for some firewalls (eg. shorewall).

So, my question is:

Is there something specific about article saves that
differs from things like wiki edits, etc? Because that
works flawlessly. Even article comments work. Just not
the articles themselves. Is there a way to modify the
article forms without using NEWNOTSYN packets? Some
places do not have the ability to modify their firewall
settings to accept NEWNOTSYN (eg. at work). And it's
horribly annoying to have to shutdown a browser, re-
launch it, re-connect and login again to resume where
you were.

Thanks! :)

ps. My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.
This is more of a SUG than a BUG.


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