#1230 {blue,green,...}metal themes partially broken

Leif Hedstrom

IIt seems like these new themes have a template file,
tiki-show_page.tpl, that is not compatible with
TikiWiki v1.7.5. With this file in the
templates/style/<theme> directory, user menus will not
show the content of the menu, just the title.

Simply removing this particular template file from the
theme(s), and use the "global" template instead
"solves" the problem. I haven't tried to figure out
what is broken, but this solution is good enough for me.


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    Maybe I don't understand what's a user menu for you...are
    you talking about a module/block?

  • Leif Hedstrom
    Leif Hedstrom

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    Sorry, wasn't sure exactly what these blocks are called.
    It's when I create a new menu, using Admin->Menus, and add
    such a block to my pages. In TikiWiki 1.7.5, these "custom"
    Menus do not display properly if using any of these new Themes.

    Like I said, I didn't try to debug this, since the simple
    solution of deleting the tiki-show_page.tpl template file
    from the themes works perfectly fine. If you like, I'd be
    happy to debug this, just let me know.

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    OK I get this too but mine seems to point to
    tiki-user_menu.tpl. Line 32 is an {if} so I'm rather surprised.
    I think it's better to forget about this problem, indeed :S

    <a href="tiki-admin_menus.php?menuId=1" class="link">Edit
    this menu</a>
    <h2>Preview menu</h2>
    <div class="box">

    <div class="box-title">[Probo]</div>
    <div class="box-data">
    <br />
    <b>Parse error</b>: parse error, expecting `']'' in
    on line <b>32</b><br />

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  • Leif Hedstrom
    Leif Hedstrom

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    Ugh, yeah of course, I ment t tiki-user_menu.tpl, which is
    indeed the template file I deleted from the schemes. :)

    Oh, and the error is actually on line 17 in the template
    file, not 32:

    <div {if $menu_info.type eq 'd' and $smarty.cookies.$cname

    I think there are other problems here too, if I try to fix
    this, it ends up complaining on a plugin modifier:

    Smarty error: [in styles/ogre2/tiki-user_menu.tpl line 6]:
    [plugin] modifier 'cat' is not implemented
    (Smarty.class.php, line 2485) in
    /server/html/tiki/Smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 2592

    For now, removing the template entirely out of the scheme
    seems easiest/best.

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed