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Tikal Eclipse 2007.3 released, powered by Europa and EPIC

Tikal, an open source provider of application lifecycle management suites, has released a new version of Tikal Eclipse (http://tikal.sourceforge.net/tikal-eclipse/).

The new release contains Add/Remove functionality for plug-ins, whose view now contains metadata (description, rating and categories) taken from the Eclipse Plugin Central (http://www.eclipseplugincentral.com/) site. The new functionality enables single developers to easily customize their Eclipse using a short & friendly user interface and uniquely supports upgrade of Eclipse major versions via plug-in renaming using the new Tikal Quick Update tool. ... read more

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-08-13

Tikal Update Manager 2007.3.0 is released

Includes improved quick setup and a preview release of Add/Remove EPIC Update Manager

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-08-01

Tikal Eclipse 2007.2.54 is released

Includes updates to WTP, EMF, AnyEdit Implementors, Quantum, EPIC and PyDev plugins.

[1628] Wrong site.xml generation with features with multi categories
[1629] Mirror Manager: NPE: when trying to add features from site
[1634] TMM: Show only mirrored features update site, in 'Update Features'
[1635] TMM: save bookmarks inside Mirror Site Project .settings
[1636] TMM: Show only user added bookmarks
[1640] TMM: index.html is parssing wrong file... read more

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-06-02

Tikal Bugzilla 2007.2.50-SNAPSHOT is released

Tikal bugzilla new version with a new custom field per issue type features and many bug fixes.
- BugId: 1541 browse should show target version with no bugs as well
- BugId: 1546 component label on edit bug page
- BugId: 1489 Invisible version does not appear on old existing bug
- BugId: 1198 Implement Test Guidelines field the same way as Comments, so it won't be limited
- BugId: 1399 'Fixed In' can not exist without 'Target Version'
- BugId: 1561 small gui and merge fixes
- BugId: 1562 add parameter to replace browse link with company dashboard
- BugId: 1527 1561 fix parent with hard reference version
- BugId: 1561 fix crm_id bug
- BugId: 1599 fix edit multi bugs for module field
- BugId: 1622 Add custom field by Entity
- BugId: 1607 when a parent issue has only one subtask, subtasks list does not expand or collapse in the edit bug page

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-05-07

Tikal Eclipse 2007.2.53 is released

Includes updates to Implementors, Quantum, EPIC and PyDev plugins.

[1582] TUM - updateseachjob is not relevant
[1597] 'run in background' support for quicksetup
[1615] Replace MirrorManager Dialog with a MirrorSite Project
[1627] QuickInstall, add 'activate on startup' checkbox"

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-04-10

Tikal Eclipse Distribution Released

Tikal, an open source provider of application lifecycle management suites, has released Tikal Eclipse http://tikal.sourceforge.net/tikal-eclipse, an open source Eclipse-based distribution which combines the Eclipse binaries with a broad range of Eclipse plugins for Java, J2EE, C/C++, Perl, PHP and Python.

With Tikal Eclipse, you get a quick install and update of reliable Eclipse distribution. Tikal Eclipse has a fast and easy graphical installer. We have kept the distribution installation binaries set down to one small single file, everything else is available online if you need it.... read more

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-03-06

TUM vz200701092-SNAPSHOT is released

a new release with new eclipse wtp 1.5.2 support, a new Mirror Manager (TMM) and bug fixes:
- IssueId: 1509 Fix faq typo's
- IssueId: 1504 Add mylar subclipse feature
- BugId: 1242 Fix assembly, no files were included
- BugId: 1495 Fix mirror validation logic
- IssueId: 1481 TUM - tmm architecture changes
- BugId: 1493 Fix mirror when a site has the same features (org.apache.batik@callisto)
- BugId: 1454 fix NullPointer when mirrorDir is not valid
- BugId: 1454 TMM fixes , don't relay on current configuration add validate per external eclipse home.
- IssueId: 1490 add tmm feature
- BugId: 1487 add org.eclipse.core.commands to manifest classpath
- Bugid: 1487 Fixed JBOSS_HOME to correct location
- IssueId: 1454 TUM with Mirror and UI improvements.
- IssueId: 1456 Add MySql mxj launcher... read more

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2007-01-09

Enhanced Bugzilla-based Issue Tracker is Released

Tikal, an open source provider of application development and deployment suites, has launched an enhanced version of Bugzilla, positioned as a high performance issue tracker with a new GUI and the much sought after “custom fields” option (due also in version 2.23 of the community edition of Bugzilla).

Tikal Bugzilla is available for download from Tikal's project at SourceForge.

While Bugzilla is considered an excellent and reliable bug tracker, it is lacking in usability and flexibility. On the other hand, extreme flexibility can be a drag on usability (see Scarab). Balancing all, Tikal has released a “crowd pleaser” version of Bugzilla which includes:... read more

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2006-11-28

TUM 2006.3.0.vz200611091-SNAPSHOT is released

a new release with new eclipse 3.2.1, wtp 1.5.1 support and bug fixes:

- BugId: 1299 Install feature appeare twice
- IssueId: 1446: Add mirror to jira dashboard
- BugId: 1184 Tikal update manager - It is not clear enough when the progress bar finish to load.
- BugId: 1229 Automatically adding the dependent features
- BugId: 1320 Updater progress bar shows incorrect percentage value
- IssueId: 1409 Fix tikal xdoclet runtime version display
- BugId: 1154 1382 1383 Remove unused runtime plugins
- IssueId: 1409 upgrade and merge changes from wtp 1.5.1 into wtp patches
- IssueId: 1417 remove subclipse patch, new version include commit templates
- IssueId: 1392 Upgrade jbosside plugins
- BugId: 1396 Upgrade quantum version
- BugId: 1395 Upgrade subversive version
- IssueId: 1388 upgrade filesync, anyedittools and eclipsekins
- BugId: 1332 disable columns4eclipse

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2006-11-08

TUM 2006.3.0.v2006Sep141-SNAPSHOT is released

New TUM version which include minor bug fixes and updatesites content updates includes new plugin versions.

Addtional eclipse TUM enabled distribution published at download area.

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2006-09-14

TUM 2006.3.0-SNAPSHOT is released

The new version includes bug fixes for overlay icons, docs typos.

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2006-08-23

TUM Is Launched: a YUM-like Eclipse Update Manager

Tikal, an open source provider of development and deployment suites, has launched TUM – a YUM like Eclipse update manager for installing and updating Eclipse distributions of open source application development and deployment plug ins and tools.

TUM (acronym for Tikal Update Manager) is open source under LGPL and is fully documented. It can be downloaded and installed from http://tikal.sourceforge.net. ... read more

Posted by Lior Kanfi 2006-08-12

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