#935 Please Repair or Remove Dead Links


The following Links under "Other Classic Ports" are dead:
Tidy386 for MS-DOS - uses DPMI
Tidy for Amiga
Tidy for various Linux distributions
Tidy for HP-UX - from Olaf Hopp
Tidy for HP-UX - from Ian Springer
Tidy for Solaris
Tidy for OpenVMS


  • Geoff

    Geoff - 2015-12-09

    Thanks for the report... now long ago... sorry for the delay...

    Tidy source has moved to https://github.com/htacg/tidy-html5

    Sorry for the LONG delay in updating that page... but it is done now... and could not find the dead links you mentioned... so closing this as fixed...

    If there is still an issue you can directly contribute fixes to that legacy page by modifying your github fork of https://github.com/htacg/tidy.sf.net.legacy, and presenting a Pull Request.

    We always welcome support of that "legacy" page...

    Tidy needs your support...

  • Geoff

    Geoff - 2015-12-09
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> Current - all platforms

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