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tidarque 0.1.0 available

Tidarque, the flexible VRML browser for Unix, goes from stage 0.0.3pre6 to 0.1.0, with a much improved vrmlscript engine, many new features and many bug fixes. RPM availables.

Posted by Christophe Tronche 2001-08-15

tidarque RPM available for Mandrake Linux

tidarque, the flexible VRML browser for Unix, is now available as an RPM package on Mandrake Linux, thanks to Lenny Cartier <lenny@mandrakesoft.com>.
URL: http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/cooker/cooker/contrib/RPMS/tidarque-0.0.3pre6-3mdk.i586.html

Posted by Christophe Tronche 2001-03-25

tidarque now compiles under RedHat 7.0

Tidarque, the flexible VRML browser for Unix, now compiles under RedHat 7.0. As you may know, RedHat as made a somewhat controversial move by shipping with their 7.0 distribution a new, intermediate version of g++. The new compiler breaks a lot of code that had worked for years (even if it was working for bad reasons). Tidarque has been affected, since it's written mainly in C++. However, lots of people are likely to install the RedHat 7.0 and those wanting to compile tidarque may get into trouble. And the new compiler would have shown up at some time anyway. Hence the new (intermediate) 0.0.3pre6 release compiles fine with RedHat 7.0 as well as other Linux distributions. It has also been reported to work fine under Solaris, which was unclear since 0.0.3pre4.

Posted by Christophe Tronche 2000-11-15