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0.1.0 Release

I've pushed a 0.1.0 release. TICS is now login-capable, though the current user shell is pretty meaningless. But it means that a lot of infrastructure is in place and working. Goals for 0.2.0 include a TLISP unit test framework and a slightly more useful user shell.

Posted by Deborah Hooker 2002-04-26

Documentation Generated Nightly

I've now got an autobuild of the doxygen docs for TICS at http://www.ysabel.org/tics/ if people want to look. I haven't migrated many of the doxygen bits over yet, so all you get is the TLISP overview and the class structure, but hey.
It builds at 3 am mountain time based on whatever's in the sourceforge archive at that point.

Posted by Deborah Hooker 2001-08-02


The CVS repository has been backed up and wiped. I want to restructure a few things, and decided it was easier to just do all at once. I'll be importing a new tree as soon as I can get a little time to fiddle.

Posted by Deborah Hooker 2001-07-27


No, really, stuff is occasionally happening on TICS. We've moved and I've been jobsearching and clientsearching and it's been quite insane.

We have a vaguely functioning server at the moment, I might add. There are still a few key pieces missing from the core itself, but we're actually not all that far from having a server that can be reasonably programmed, so that the core userland is usable. At some point here I'll take a couple of days and take a break and toss together the bits that're still missing, and then harrass Joel to build some other bits.... read more

Posted by Deborah Hooker 2001-07-24

Current Documentation Available

The current doxygen-generated documentation is available at http://www.ysabel.org/tics/ and I will try to keep it reasonably current.

Posted by Deborah Hooker 2001-03-06

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