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Quick Guide:

When download click on Ticket Checker.exe
The exe will auto extract installation files to a temp location and run the setup process. When setup is complete the program will automatically open.

When the program is first opened it will automatically display the settings dialog. This is where you enter the Web Address to your Fusion Ticket installation. for example: myboxoffice.com/fusion/

Selecting Event:
Click on Events at the top, if you have previously logged in it will display the events list page where you select which event you want to check. If you have not logged in you will need to and it will then show the events page.

Click on Search to display the Search page.

This program will run in fullscreen mode and is set to stay on top of other programs. The benefits of using this program over a standard web brower are:

Proffesional Look

No bulky Web Browser is loaded with plugins that are not needed

Automatically goes to your Fusion install so your Front of House staff do not need to load the web browser and navigate to the correct page.


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