A couple requests and thanks

  • Stew Stronski

    Stew Stronski - 2011-09-15

    First let me say thanks for a great program. It's the first one I tried that didn't have codec problems and has worked with every file I have tried, even ones that did not work in other progs.


    1) 99% of the time I save the thumbnails in the same folder as source. Selecting the destination folder each time is not that useful for me. Also with batch you can add files from many folders but then you must save all thumbnails to one folder and copy the thumbnails manually after generation. A simple check box for "same as source" would be very helpful. Or just "Leave blank to save with source file".

    2) A way to select files that have an extension that is not available in the selection window. I.E. "moviefile.m4v" file requires me to change the name to "moviefile.mp4". After the change the file loads okay and thumbnails are saved.

    3) Not very important but it would be nice to have a title next to the file info so I could have "Joe's Movies" or "Science Fiction", etc.

    4) Also not that important but it would be good to use the more standard .jpg instead of .jpeg file extension.

    Once again thanks for a great application. Very stable, fast and easy to use. I like it a lot!

  • Kwent

    Kwent - 2011-09-24

    Hi erostew

    1) I agree with you. I will devellop this function for the next release i hope.
    2) Some people ask me to edit this line. It would be available in the next release.
    3) Not possible. It's implemented in MTN binary.
    4) I choose to respect the MIME Standard : image/jpeg


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