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License Modification

Someone asked me to modify the license to make it more flexible when it comes to linking with non-GPL licensed applications. See the license link on the project home page for the detail of the change.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2005-07-24

Thresher 1.2 Released

Yes, I know you are surprised but here it is. This version contains a few bug fixes and clean-ups. Thanks again to all of you who sent me bug reports and feature requests. I tried to inlcude all of them in this release.

Please see the release notes for information on the different packages.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2004-07-10

Thresher 1.1 Released

This release contain some minor bugs fixes and a few new features. Thresher now supports SSL connections to the IRC server. Unfortunately, this new capability only works under Windows. Mono users will have to compile without the 'SSL' flag.

A special thanks to Klemen for his excellent channel mode parser.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2003-11-16

Thresher 1.0 Released

1.0 is finally done. This is the last release of Thresher. It will now move into maintenance mode with periodic bug fixes.

There are 2 source releases (one has the Visual Studio project files and one doesn't) and one binary release.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2003-03-08

Beta 5 Released

I decided to postpone the final release and add one more (and hopefully last) beta. Due to some still unresolved issues I had to temporarily pull the SSL support. It will be re-added after the 1.0 release when these issues are resolved. Otherwise this beta contains minor bug fixes and code cleanups.

The final release will, as previously stated, contain a full implementation of RFC 2812.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2002-12-27

Beta 4 Released

The last beta is finally out. There are lots of changes in this one including full DCC and encryption support.

The 1.0 will follow shortyly depending on bug reports and the progress of the Mentalis SecureSocket library.

Thanks to everyone for their comments. Please keep them coming.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2002-09-08

Beta 3 Released

More minor bug fixes. The next beta will contain the DCC code and be the last beta before the official 1.0 version.

My thanks to Sean, Johan, and especially Luca for their comments and advice.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2002-06-30

Beta 2 Released

Just a few minor changes and one bug fix. There is a new multi-server example and an Identd server. Please send me your ideas and bug reports.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2002-05-24

First Release

I have uploaded the first beta. This is a binary version intended for end developers. The source code version is coming soon.

Posted by Aaron Hunter 2002-05-11