-ChronoDateImple.periodUntil(t, u)
  The "convention" is to align the "case" to the "switch" in jdk source code?

- Understood it is kinda of 310 convention to have "... == false", but I would suggest to
   use the the normal (! X) instead.

-ChronoLocalDate.periodUntil(CLD) says the "calculation is performed using the chronology
  of this date. If necessary, the input date will be converted to match" (btw, there are two
  "the"s here), but all our 4 jdk-provided ChronoLocalDate only handle "same type" of CLD
  now,  (their java doc currently simply is inherited from the super class). Is it possible to have
  a better alternative? at least they all have a isodate.


On 2/28/13 8:43 AM, roger riggs wrote:
Please review bug fix/improvements for:

PeriodUntil throws exception: unable to calculate period between objects of different types

The periodUntil methods do not correctly compute the period
for HijrahDate, ThaiBuddistDate, MinguoDate, and JapaneseDate.
ChronoDateImpl is enhanced to support 12 month based calendars.

The ValueRange.getIntValue method should throw similar exceptions
when the field is not an int field. Provides better feedback for
the generic Temporal.get access to fields that are not int field.

Added simple tests to TestHijrahChronology, TestJapaneseChronology,
TestMinguoChronology, and TestHijrahChronology

Thanks, Roger


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