• Tom Eugelink

    Tom Eugelink - 2012-09-16

    I've been developing a JavaFX date picker on top of JSR-310, but I'm very
    hesitant to release it because JSR-310 is not available in Maven. Is there any
    chance 0.6.3 will be made available in Maven central?

  • Stephen Colebourne

    The JCP does not allow incomplete jars to be released so there will be no
    maven central release.

    0.6.3 is also quite old. A 0.7 is tagged on github.

  • Roger Riggs

    Roger Riggs - 2012-09-19

    JARs for testing and evaluation, non-commercial use are okunder the JCP and as
    long as they are clearly marked as work in progress.

  • Stephen Colebourne

    More broadly, releasing this as a jar sets up expectations of future releases
    and support that I don't want to make here (since the code is headed for the


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