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You will learn the COMPLETE array of effective grant development techniques AND how to quickly connect with over 90,000 funding agencies!

Our unique, three-day HIGH IMPACT! Grant Writing Workshops are fast-paced

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I attended a grant writing workshop facilitated by Ed Wollmann in February 2007.

I had recently been promoted to my agency's Resource Development position and had no experience with grant proposal writing. Upon entering the grant writing workshop.
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High Impact Grants! can help your organization learn to write grant proposals that get the money! This year alone, over $400 BILLION in grants will be awarded to organizations throughout the United States. We would like to help you get your share!

Our grant writing workshops are fast-paced, informative and help you develop high-impact proposals that are well-researched and tell your story in a powerful way. Whether you work for community-based non-profits, faith-based organizations, government agencies, or work in a school, college or university setting, High Impact Grants! can assist you in creating top-notch, fundable proposals.

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