Release Candidate

A program to draw (and save the results to files) a diagramm that shows the execution time of a programm, which does some floating point calculations, in dependency of the number of used threads.
It saves the result as a gnuplot file and a CSV file.

Screenshot thumbnail
The times of an 8 CPU R12K 300Mhz Origin 2000 running Irix
Screenshot thumbnail
4 Xeons at 3Ghz running Linux
Screenshot thumbnail
A 2 CPU PA-RISC 8900 with 800Mhz running HP-UX
Screenshot thumbnail
4 CPU Alpha with 1Ghz running Tru64 (OSF/1)
Screenshot thumbnail
2 CPU Power III 450Mhz running AIX
Screenshot thumbnail
This shows a 16 CPU Itanium II 1.6Ghz Box running Linux

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