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Thread Manager / News: Recent posts

Usable now

Made the old and embarrasing version disapear, still available in CVS. Posted the new bin as file release. Now : CPU % Usage for ALL processes in real time, Total MEM Usage too. Works like a charm. I'll propably have some time in the next few months so I might do some other upgrades. Made some testing on WTL, when the project reaches a decent level of professionalism, I'll branch a WTL version (and get rid of MFC)

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2004-07-11

New feature

Made an update. Priority changing now supported and works great. Exe ready in release dir on the CVS.

Sorry, didn't put time on this as I wish I would. It is still progressing and will do all I want it to do in not much time. As HE said : Time will tell

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2004-05-12

It works now !

Found some free time and managed to rewrite most of the code. Now, it works great, looks good and has no bug. It just lacks features that'll be added as the project advances. What it does for now is List the running processes in order of creation, displays each process's priority, let you kill processes and that's pretty much all. Expect thread listing, priority changing, processor and memmory usage, start new task, list visible windows, always on top, shutdown, reboot, logoff and many more options soon. Everything is availeble in the CVS and I even put a binary built in release for the ones who just want to test.... read more

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2003-10-23

New post soon

I kinda had some troubles with the computer that had the latest version (processor overheat and IDE cables causing errors) so I couldn't work much on the project, but I think I'll manage to find some time to work on it in the next few days.

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2003-10-16


I'm restarting from scratch cause what I made isn't a good base for future enhancements. It'll be a dialog based MFC app with multi non-framed secondary dialogs that will look a lot like NT's Task Manager and that will be themed naturally by WinXP or others. My next post will have running Process listing, Process killing and process priority change as working and tested features. I'll try and find some time in the next few days to work on this so expect this is less than a week.

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2003-10-04

Starting at last

I just posted a first version of the new Thread Manager in the CVS. It's made using MFC under VStudio .NET. It already lists running processes and lets you kill some. It's just a starting point, it'll get more interesting soon.

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2003-09-25

Old Thread Manager Available

I managed to learn how to use CVS, Shell services and File Release System, so my Old and Buggy Thread Manager's binary and source is available in the file release or in the CVS.

Next :
- Think of the layout of each tab
- Rewrite code from scratch

I want to start with Visual Studio .NET so I'll start as soon as I got it installed. But right now, my HD is full and I currently got lots of things to do. I hope having a base in less than 2 weeks.

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2003-08-16

Starting project

I'm glad this project was accepted and I think this can be something many advanced Windows users will want. I made my own version more than a year ago, it's not great but it works and I want to post it. Soon the binary and sources will be available. Then I'll post my ideas on how I intend to make this. Anyone is welcome to help me.

Posted by Antoine Wells Campagna 2003-08-14