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  • Anonymous - 2011-11-17

    Dear ThManager group

    I'm trying to add and manage the Gemet thesaurus in Thmanager.
    Unfortunately the included  GEMET doesn’t contain the Arabic language.
    I can download the SKOS RDF files from:

    but i have a problem importing it:
    when i import only words to an Thesaurus i get the error message
    ->"Thesaurus could not be imported due to an error"

    when i copy all files (Supergroups, groups and themes in RDF/Labels and definitions in RDF/General structure)
    i can import the thesaurus without error but i cannot find the words or the vocabulary (->guess there is somewhere still an error)

    One Problem is, that Arabic as language is not included!!?

    so my questions

    1) how can i use the GEMET form or where can i get an arabic-english GEMET
    2) how can i add arabic as language in Thmanager
    3) how can i manage several (word) sources in one Thesaurus (possible to do that over the URI)

    thanks in advance,
    best regards

  • IAAA Laboratory

    IAAA Laboratory - 2011-11-29

    Dear Paul,

    Current version of GEMET can not be loaded into ThManager without some processing. The problem is that
    the structure of groups and supergroups that it provides is not skos-standard. Thmanger requires that
    the file to import contains a skos:conceptScheme with relations to the topConcepts of the thesaurus (skos:hasTopConcept relation) and GEMET thesaurus does not provide them.

    What we did in the version we loaded in Thmanager was to transform the groups and supergroups into skos:concepts (related with BT/NT) and then relate the supergroups to the conceptScheme through  hasTopConcept relations.

    I hope it helps,
    Best regards,
    the ThManager development team.


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