Thanks for your last help (see below), Mike. I generated a build (downloaded the full 1.0 version) with just what’s necessary for my system (DS21140 NIC chipset, S3 display, 32MB hard disk, 32MB RAM, RDP client). When I use the Thinstation.bat (ts.bat) and loadlin to run it from DOS 6.22 the following happens:


Vmlinuz loads successfully;


Initrd starts but stops after a while with the error:             Less than 4MB M of memory. System halted.


Can you provide me with some more help?


Many thanks.


Jürgen R. Weiss




Your help:




The initrd.gz you have to generate yourself since it depends on your hardware and which programs you want to use (rdesktop, xnest,...).


You need access to a linux box. Here you edit build.conf to match hardware and programs. Save the file and type:




This generates the initrd.gz.




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