I am testing thinstation and  i find this is a great product – respect!!


I am booting from a USB memory stick and I would like to change the host name on each of the sticks.


I am using the configuration tool from http://struktur.kemi.dtu.dk/thinstation/TS/index.php


I cant figure out what I have to place in the storage path (in conf.buildtime)




..Unfortunately it does not work


what has to be paced in :

- thinstation.conf.buildtime

- thinstation.conf.user


Is thinstation.conf.buildtime read first and then thinstation.conf.user?


Do I have for a different hostname to place ONLY the network options in thinstation.conf.user

 (because that is the only thin that changes)


Or is the full content in both files?


Your opinion I highly appreciated.


King regards,