ThinLisp 1.0 Released

We're proud to announce the version 1.0 release of ThinLisp, a Lisp to C translator for delivering commercial quality, Lisp-based applications. It implements a subset of Common Lisp with
extensions. ThinLisp itself is written in Common Lisp, and so must run on top of an underlying Common Lisp implementation such as CLISP, Allegro, MCL, or CMU Lisp. The C code resulting from a translation can then be independently compiled to
produce a small, efficient executable image.

ThinLisp is not a typical Lisp implementation in that it does not implement a garbage collector or many of the other run-time development features of other Lisps. ThinLisp is designed for producing high quality deliverable C libraries and executables from Lisp sources. Originally designed for real-time control applications, ThinLisp stresses run-time performance at the expense of some development time conveniences. This is exactly the opposite design philosophy
from many Lisps, but that's what makes this one thin!

ThinLisp was begun over 6 years ago, produces executables that have been tested on 17 different hardware/OS platforms, and has produced executables consisting of one million lines of C code.


Posted by Jim Allard 2001-06-18

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