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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would need to do some modification on the classes / attributes in thinlet components.  However I found that the thinlet.jar is of different version of the latest thinlet release.

    Seems that the thinlet.jar in thinG is a newer one.  Where can I find the source codes for that?

    Thx a lot.

    • Dirk Möbius

      Dirk Möbius - 2005-02-21

      As I wrote in lib/readme-libraries.txt, the thinlet version bundled with ThinG is a anonymous checkout from the Thinlet CVS repository as of 2004/06/29. Sorry, I should have made this more cleary, eg. on the website.

      In comparison to the latest _released_ Thinlet version, this version contains the following additional features:

      - Table columns are resizable.
      - The property "closeable" in components of type "dialog" has been removed. Instead, there is a new property "close", that let's you define a method that will be called when the user clicks the close button of the dialog. The close button is painted only if the property "close" exists.

      The Thinlet CVS repository is available at: http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=61095

      I decided to use an unreleased version of Thinlet because I needed the "closable" attribute myself in my projects and I thought it would be a valuable addition.

      What do you mean by "some modification on the classes/attributes in thinlet components"? What do you have in mind?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I Would like to have the sources of ThinG's thinlet version too.

      I'm thinking about increasing the funcionalities of both Thinlet and ThinG to have a better productivity.

      Is it possible?

      • Dirk Möbius

        Dirk Möbius - 2005-05-20

        As I've said, ThinG's thinlet version is a anonymous checkout from the Thinlet CVS repository as of 2004/06/29.

        So, if you want to have the source code for that particular version, use something like:

        $ cvs checkout -D 2004-06-29 thing

        Note, however, that Thinlet is in turmoil at the moment. The official Thinlet project is dead (with Robert Bajzat being its only developer) and a new Thinlet fork called 'ThinUI' with many new features will soon be available at http://thinui.dev.java.net/ .

        So, I would wait a little bit before increasing the functionalities of Thinlet.

        If you want to extend ThinG, just tell me what you want to do, send me diffs and I'll integrate it in the official version, if I consider the addition worthwhile.

    • g zombi

      g zombi - 2005-06-03

      I do not see any activity in that site :  http://thinui.dev.java.net/ .  No mailing list, no cvs, no forum ...

      Can you explain the reason of forking?

      • Dirk Möbius

        Dirk Möbius - 2005-06-06

        You'll just have to hold your breath a little longer, Zombi. According to project lead Michael Nascimento the first public release is imminent. The reason that there is no mailing list is because there is no official release to talk about.

        The official Thinlet forum is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thinlet/messages . ThinUI gets discussed there, too.

        The reason of forking is, in short, because Thinlet founder Robert Bajzat doesn't believe in the success of OpenSource and rather chooses to do things alone. He also gave a bad project leader, by not taking responsibility yet complaining that no progress has been made over the last year.

    • g zombi

      g zombi - 2005-06-21

      I see... Unfortunately there is still no formal release, just a plenty of patches (in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thinlet/files/ ), so I'm very concerned what will happen. I hope someone can still see the light, and can merge the various files - with Skinlet I hope (http://www.realchat.com/thinlet/) ....


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