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ThinFlashDebug / News: Recent posts

ThinFlashDebug Update - ActionScript 2.0

Hi! I'm glad to anounce the release of the AS2 version of the debug class. Now you can debug from AS2 or AS3 flash files with the exact same API! The updated package has just been uploaded and the SVN repository has been updated too!

Posted by Fernando Korndorfer 2009-08-17

ThinFlashDebug Initial release

Hi! This is the initial release of the ThinFlashDebug tool. ThinFlashDebug (TFD) is a simple and lightweight debug tool. It uses a LocalConnection to log messages from your Flash application or website to a standalone debug window. The debug API It uses only static functions and no includes are necessary. If you are looking for a more complete, robust solution, keep looking! :P

Posted by Fernando Korndorfer 2009-08-11