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The Tool Box - Release Notes

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Disclaimer: I don't claim this software is good for anything. If you think it is, cool. If it doesn't work, that's too bad. If you lose a million because it crashes, it's you that loses a million, not I. If you don't like this disclaimer, that's too bad. I reserve the right to do the absolute minimum provided by law, up to and including absolutely nothing. I didn't want to include any disclaimer at all, but lawyers showed up and insisted. I tried to ignore them but they threatened me with the License  Agreement Ninjas.  

License Agreement: You are a criminal for even thinking about using this software.

Warning: Ensure you have an up-to-date java before running the software


Version 1.1.5

Release Date: 05/05/2015
Status: Stable
  • Added: Added the ability to edit the EMV panel - You can change which tags show, and what order they are in
  • Added: Tag 9F10 (Issuer Application Data) to which also includes CVR (a subtag of 9F10)
  • Added: Menu link to the homepage (sourceforge)
  • Fixed: 9F07/AUC had the wrong tag details
  • Fixed: File>Close now saves notes and config updates before exiting
  • Fixed: Tag 95/TVR title had a spelling mistake
  • Fixed: Homepage wasn't populating EMV page names
  • Fixed: EMV menu would prompt to update even if there was nothing changed
  • Changed: Removed unused classes, old stuff that isn't used
  • Changed: Reverted home page image
  • Changed: Removed some test prints and refactored EMV classes
  • Changed: No longer prompts to restart after EMV menu change, just changes it
  • Changed: EMV Navigation Panel button generation (for the dynamic buttons)

Version 1.1.4

Release Date: 02/04/2014
Status: Stable
  • Fixed: Not opening more than one note if default note was open
  • Fixed: CVM (8E) decoder was processing the first CVM over and over

Version 1.1.3

Release Date: 02/04/2014
Status: Stable
  • Added: In-program button to access Notes folder
  • Added: Tag 71 and 72 to DE55 decoder
  • Added: Notes auto-save made configurable (you can make it prompt to save files, or auto save files)
  • Added: Notes default page, will only be there when no other note is open (cosmetic change only)
  • Added: ISO8583 message fields list
  • Added: ISO3166 Country Codes list
  • Added: Common response codes (DE39) list
  • Added: Filters to Status Bytes and EMV Acronyms
  • Added: A colour chooser with limited colours instead of the over-the-top default colour chooser
  • Added: A check for folders, if vital ones are missing the program won't open if non vital ones are missing, will make them
  • Added: Send Bug/Change Request will now prompt you to confirm you want to open the mail client
  • Added: Link to 'homepage' when clicking 'The Tool Box' heading
  • Fixed: DE55 Decoder not saving the original data to file
  • Fixed: DOL decoder now ignores white space like the other inputs
  • Fixed: DOL Decoder not saving the original data to file
  • Fixed: ASCII Function wasn't decoding straight away (wasn't selecting the 'from' variable correctly)
  • Fixed: ASCII Function wasn't wrapping text
  • Fixed: Saving any file will now ask if you want to overwrite file should there be one to overwrite
  • Fixed: CTRL-S wasn't saving the notes
  • Fixed: Notes pages weren't being saved if they weren't being focused
  • Fixed: Service code wasn't outputting the answer
  • Fixed: DOL decoder labels were incorrect
  • Fixed: Gave the navigation buttons more room to generate (was getting cramped)
  • Fixed: Homepage selector (added new pages)
  • Fixed: Crashing when saving notes
  • Fixed: Crashing when renaming unsaved notes
  • Changed: Made the navigational buttons unselectable (cosmetic change only)
  • Changed: All Save functions will now check if there is actually something to change before trying to save
  • Changed: Notes opening UI to be a radio selector instead of dropdown
  • Changed: Button look (cosmetic change only)
  • Changed: Moved DOL decoder to main navigation panel
  • Changed: Renamed EMV Helpers to Reference Lists

Version 1.1.2

Release Date: 16/02/2014
Status: Beta
  • Added: Auto-processing for var-tags when text length is reached
  • Added: Page template, changes all pages to use it (saves code lines)
  • Added: Menu option to send a bug report
  • Added: start buttons to Service code and luhn check
  • Fixed: The format of the var-tags (was list, now displays in a table)
  • Fixed: DF8129 not decoding correctly (missing breaks)
  • Fixed: DF8129 output text not human readable
  • Fixed: CVM(Tag 8E) - missing a value in array causing wrong results
  • Fixed: Service code structure (background)
  • Fixed: DOL structure (background
  • Fixed: TLV structure (background
  • Fixed: Crash when there is no XML files to list
  • Changed: Moved all templates to their own package (background)
  • Changed: Separated bitmap and DE55 decoder (still uses same page)

Version 1.1.1

Release Date: 30/01/2014
Status: Beta
  • Added: Paypass 3 tag: DF8129
  • Added: CTRL-s short cut to notes (save)
  • Added: TLV decoder picks up XML files from folder instead of configuring them
  • Added: A wrapper .EXE, that:
    • Checks JVM version
    • Adds exe icon
    • Adds splash screen
    • Checks if more than one is running
  • Added: Homescreen default chooser - to pick what screen you see when you first open the program
  • Added: New variable default class, with a show/hide tag information button (Tags effected : 8E, 9F34, CVR, DF8129)
  • Added: A button in the TLV page to open XML folder location
  • Added: added option to include or exclude the luhn digit (luhn page)
  • Fixed: BITMAP decode crashing when 2nd bitmap marked as true
  • Fixed: Luhn check calculation
  • Fixed: Cant have the same note open more than once
  • Fixed: Closing notes changed the name of the note to the left
  • Fixed: Incomplete help document
  • Fixed: Subtext of DOLS
  • Changed: TLV help document to reflect new instructions
  • Changed: Moved Tag List to EMV helpers
  • Changed: Homescreen - added an icon
  • Changed: Creator name from my nick name to my real name
  • Changes: Filter font (ASCII table and Tag List)
  • Disabled: AS2805 decoder, pending a rewrite
  • Removed: Tickboxes from EMV tag pages

Version 1.1.0

Release Date: 11/11/2013
Status: Beta
  • Added: Interactive Tag 9F33
  • Added: Interactive Tag 9F53
  • Added: Interactive Tag 9F40
  • Added: Interactive Tag 9F66
  • Added: Interactive Tag 9F6C
  • Added: input indicator on note pad
  • Added: CDOL processing (requested) with new sliding UI
  • Added: a text filter on 'the rest' tag module
  • Added: Disable side button when its corresponding page is open
  • Added: a text filter on ACSII table module
  • Added: a colour wheel chooser for background
  • Added: a document updater to all EMV tags, so it processes as you type
  • Added: note module
  • Added: EMV flow diagram
  • Added: Help file for TLV decoder
  • Added: AS2805 decoder
  • Added: Bitmap processing option to AS2805 decoder
  • Added: EMV processing option to AS2805 decoder
  • Added: TAG generation from bit-button selecting to all interactive emv tags
  • Added: Borders to TLV and AS2805 box's
  • Fixed: Updated config XML on close only
  • Fixed: TLV decoder Length checking
  • Fixed: TLV decoder not performing more than one processes
  • Fixed: TLV tag length generation
  • Fixed: Check if user has added ".html" onto their file save name
  • Fixed: Changed the-rest table so the columns can move and be resized
  • Fixed: Changed all tables in EMV Tid bits so the columns can move and be resized
  • Fixed: Changed ASCII table so the columns can move and be resized
  • Fixed: Now check the name of the new-note when first entered and check current open + current saved
  • Fixed: Cannot open two notes with the same name
  • Fixed: TLV error handling - less crashing
  • Fixed: TLV curser colour (was same as background
  • Fixed: Stopped text clearing when input-text-field is selected
  • Fixed: 'Unknown' spelt wrong
  • Fixed: Opening a blank note when close button is selected for 'open' button
  • Fixed: Spelling of acronym - both heading and button
  • Fixed: removed URL from list of file to open on the note module - just know note name
  • Changed: change name of new note button to 'new' (was 'add')
  • Changed: Title Font - bold and bigger
  • Changed: output style of saved data to include original input and the processes output
  • Changed: UI layout of TLV decoder
  • Changed: UI layout of navigation module (side buttons)
  • Changed: UI layout of AS2805 decoder module
  • Changed: UI layout of EMV tags module
  • Changed: [background] separated navigation code from init tab
  • Changed: [background] all tags to be a copy of a master class
  • Removed: TAC/IAC configuration and processing
  • Removed: re-prompting to name note - redundant with new code
  • Removed: Auto restart for colour change, code was too messy

Version 1.0.2

<div<i>Release Date: 22/08/2013

Status: Alpha

  • Added: version information to toolbar

  • Added: Dec to Hex calculator

  • Updated: Hex to Dec calculator (used built in converter instead of my own)

  • Updated: TLV processing (less process heavy)

  • Updated: TVR processing (less process heavy)

  • Updated: TAC processing (less process heavy)

  • Updated: IAC processing (less process heavy)

  • Updated: border dimensions for Resources panel, ASCII table

  • Updated: Colour of ASCII table

  • Updated: titles for EMV tags

  • Updated: TVR error notification (may change again)

  • Removed: file menu separator

  • Removed: The console box

  • Removed: A hex to int function, using calculator instead

Version 1.0.1

<div<i>Release Date: 15/08/2013

Status: Alpha

  • Fixed: Orange Colour not working

  • Fixed: ASCII converter space not being handled

  • Fixed: CVMR error message not correct

  • Update: format of the TLV panel

  • Added: Icon to console window

Version 1.0.0

Release Date: 14/08/2013
Status: Alpha
  • Initial release
  • Includes all functionality

by Louise Butler

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