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Version 0.19.0 released

The abilty to define URLs on events and execute "Goto URL" to open a Web browser. Implements a 'fit week' navigation function. Help text has been added to describe vertical movement of events. The build script generates a zip file with only LF as line endings in files. Year 0 has been removed from Timeline display when using extended date range.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2013-01-09

Version 0.18.0 released

Zooming with scroll wheel zooms at cursor position instead of center.

Posted by roger lindberg 2012-10-04

Version 0.17.0 released

This release enables the creation of allert messages associated with an event.

Posted by roger lindberg 2012-06-15

Version 0.16.0 released

One new feature: group events in containers. Also fixing bug which casued timeline files with non-English characters in the name to not open.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2012-01-30

Version 0.15.0 released

New features are: custom font color for categories, measure distance between events, and only break text in balloon if needed to keep balloon on screen. Most critical bug fixed is that SVG export now works for non-english characters.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2011-10-30

Timeline version 0.14.0 released

This release fixes a few bugs. It also adds support for moving multiple events at once. Events have also gained a few extra fields so that they can be marked as fuzzy, locked, and ending today.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2011-07-27

Version 0.13.0 released

A new feature release: events can be moved up and down with alt+up/down, hidden event count is shown in status bar, first version of export to svg, and more.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2011-04-30

Version 0.12.0 released

This version has experimental support for extended date range (before 1 AD) and some bug fixes.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2011-01-09

Version 0.11.1 released

This is a bugfix release: create event through menu does not raise exception now, and time is removed when saving event and 'Show time' is not checked.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-10-24

Version 0.11.0 released

New features in this release are an improved date and time entry control and a fit millennium function.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-10-12

Version 0.10.2 released

This is a translation update and bug fix release. For more info, see the changelog at

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-07-12

Version 0.10.1 released

This is a translation update release. New languages included are French and Polish.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-05-26

Version 0.10.0 released

In this version we have switched to an XML-based format for timeline data. Other new features include support for hierarchical categories, function to duplicate events according to a pattern, and better error reporting facilities when application crashes.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-05-10

Version 0.9.0 released

Apart from quite a few bug fixes and enhancements, Timeline gained support to start weeks on Sundays. For more information what has been fixed, see the release notes.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-02-08

New Debian package includes missing images

The first Debian package for version 0.8.0 was missing some images. They have been added in the new package timeline_0.8.0-2_all.deb. There are no changes in the software itself: just in the package.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-01-16

Version 0.8.0 released

Significant new features and enhancements in this release are search functionality, experimental read-only support for ics files, drawing weekend day numbers in bold, and a few new navigation functions. Support for the Hebrew and Catalan languages has also been added thanks to contributions on our Launchpad translation site.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2010-01-01

Version 0.7.0 released

This version of Timeline adds support for resizing and moving events visually by dragging. It also lets you associate small icon images with events. Support for Russian language has also been added thanks to contributor Sergey Sedov. If you have any feedback on this new release, please let us know.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-12-02

Version 0.6.0 released

Some small features added and a few bugs fixed. Highlights include support for opening recent timeline on startup and shortcuts for accessing the category editor from within the event editor.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-11-01

Markdown requirement missing

The Markdown requirement is missing from the 0.5.0 source release. See for up to date requirements.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-10-07

Version 0.5.0 released

Highlights include visualization of description, a new wiki-like help system, and improved error handling when reading or writing timeline data fails.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-10-01

Version 0.4.0 released

Highlights include translation support and export to image.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-09-02

Version 0.3.0 released

In this release the documentation has been improved and a few bugs have been fixed.

The file format has also been updated to decrease the risk of loosing data. Users are therefore strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version. The file format is readable by the 0.2.0 version but it can not take advantage of the new format.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-08-01

Version 0.2.0 released

The second version containing lots of improvements has been released.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-07-05

Version 0.1.0 released

The first working version has been released.

Posted by Rickard Lindberg 2009-04-11