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Release 1.5 and pre-release 2.0

Now is aviable binaries for windows and linux 64 bit (linux 32 bit was released 14 days ago). So, this release 1.5 is the LAST version of 1.x family. Next version will be 2.0 with new name "Mosyloon".

Posted by Anonymous 2011-01-02

Release 1.5 and pre-release 2.0

This release adding support for non-default port of MySQL server. Its recommended to update your configure file to new version using configurator utility. I'm sorry, you can download linux_x86 and source code packages only. Version 1.5 for windows and 64bit linux will be released on 3rd January 2011.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-25

Release 1.4 and pre-release 2.0

Version 1.4 only fixing overhead problem in database. The problem was in server-side utility.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-16

Release 1.3 and pre-release 2.0

By this version, the configurator utility can automaticaly create fully useable MySQL database on your server. After creation, you can use sysmonitor-server and sysmonitor-client WITHOUT another manual changes in database or in config file.

This version is pre-release of renamed 2.0 version - project will be renamed to "Mosyloon" - Monitor Of System Load Over the iNternet.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-15

Release 1.2

Release 1.2 fixing some bugs, specially multiple server work with database server.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-13

Project will be renamed!

The SysMonitor will be renamed to "MoSyloon" - Monitor of System Load Over the Internet. The change is coming with version 2.0.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-12

Release 1.1

Version 1.1 fix some bugs, specially identification "human" name of server.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-10