Party of the People

Party of the People

Would you like your opinion to matter?

Party of the People is a way for your voice to be heard. The United States prides itself on spreading Democracy to the world, but we've never been a Democracy since our founding. Its time for your vote to represent your views.

When the U.S. Constitution was written, it was impossible to have a true Democracy because of limitations in communications. In the past 200 years, we've seen monumental changes in communication from the telephone to the television to the internet. Its now possible to discuss politics with people around the world instantaneously.

How do we get those in power to vote themselves out?

When you hear candidates say, "I believe in ____," it's tough to know who you can trust. Luckily for them, campaign promises are not legally binding. Party of the People's beginning will be as an exclusive political party. To be one of our candidates, you have to sign a legal contract agreeing to vote as your constituents decide through Party of the People's web-based application.

Policies not Politicians

When was the last time you watched politics and actually saw a policy's pros and cons being discussed? Turn on the TV to your favorite news station and see how long it takes. The news is consumed with political campaigns and scandals. When the drama of candidates and the posturing of political parties go away, we'll finally have time to discuss solutions to our problems.

Party of the People is a way to vote yourself into power. It's a political party and a web-based application being built, owned, and controlled by the people for the people to provide the structure needed for a true democracy. Click Continue Reading to learn more.

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