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Moses 0.1.7 Released

Update Freemarker 2.3.
Update Hibernate to 2.1.6.
Update XDoclet to 1.2.1.
Update HSQL for 1.7.2.

But most importantly, the default self contained HSQL deployment works again. Try it out. And post your ideas!!! Please send feedback!

Posted by Aron Sogor 2004-08-20

Moses 0.1.6 Released!!

Tested and fully works on MySQL 4.1+ !

Changes Complete:
- Link away toolkit.
- New OSWD skin, multiskin layout.
- Fix - remove self from invited list on display.
- Updated install documentation
- Add buddylist, for addressbook.
- Invite workflow change to: Select Inivites(from buddies)->Select Dates and Info.

In this relase HSQL is broken. With the upcomming 0.1.7 hopefully the new versions of HSQL and Hibernate will fix the issues.

Posted by Aron Sogor 2004-08-14

Moses 0.1.4 Released

New features:

- Event Framework LDAP AddressBook Replication for addressbooks.
- Admin interface JMX MosesMBean.
- VCard export support for addresses.
- VFreeBusy information.
- System wide enable/disable calendar notification.
- System wide enable/disable LDAP replication.
- Updated HSQL for 1.7.2RC5

Posted by Aron Sogor 2004-04-09

Moses 0.1.3 Released

New features:
- Event Framework
- email notification (customizable with Freemarker).
- notification preferences.

Go to the homepage and try the live DEMO!
Tell us how it was!

Posted by Aron Sogor 2004-03-17