The Mana World 0.5 released

A new client is available since a few days in the downloads page! Almost two years have passed since the last stable release of the client. Hence, it's not practical to go into much detail about all the changes that have been made, but we'll mention the most important ones.

First off, the client is now based on the Mana client. It was 1.5 years ago that the Mana project split off from The Mana World, so that the server and client software could be developed independently from the content of the game. The 0.5 release marks a great milestone where the client can form a stable base for many games, including The Mana World. From now on, the client version will match the version of the Mana client that it is based on.

The client will now download a list of servers on startup, making it easier to discover and select between different communities. Also, it will now display an informative message if a server doesn't allow direct registration, as is the case with our main server.

Many other convenient features were added like the ability to switch server or character without having to restart the client, nick autocompletion by pressing Tab, changing direction only by holding the "emote" key, support for pasting text from the clipboard, new mouse cursors that indicate attack and talk actions, and a new Outfit window to quickly switch between multiple outfits.

Creating a MMORPG isn't an easy task. Creating a free one is even worse, because nobody is paid, nobody gets up in the morning, drinks a coffee, and looks at the tasks given to him/her 8 hour a day. Even so, we somehow made it this far, with a lot of mistakes, trial and error, and so on. We're still here, hard at work!

We hope you'll enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed making it, and wish you many hours of fun in The Mana World!

Posted by Bertram 2011-04-17

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