The Mana World released

This is release is a stability update to 0.0.29, which admittedly featured quite some crashes (we fixed four) and other smaller glitches. This was only to be expected after such a large update, and public scrutiny helped to quickly find most of the remaining issues. Thanks to those who helped us by reporting the bugs they found!

Two new features also sneaked into this patch release. It is now possible to change your password yourself, in the character selection dialog (so I can stop doing it for you ;)). Also, when you're in a party, you'll now see the leader of the party displayed in bold. As usual, see the changelog for the full list of changes:

For the Windows installer, we've finally replaced the images that were allegedly fanart of copyrighted material. However, with my artistic talents lacking, I've had to mash them up from existing graphics. If you feel up to the task of beefing up our next installer with some shiny new TMW-themed art, be sure to submit your alternative here:

Posted by Thorbjørn Lindeijer 2009-06-10