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Cinema Business beta 2.5: Ambition=Good?

A small change in this version but a good one, before it was in your best interest to hire employees with high ambition because they'd grow beyond their position quickly and then get angry about not getting a promotion, this anger affected their work performance and therefore your overall rating. But now you can get a higher rating from hiring these ambitious people and going through all the trouble of keeping them happy. The average ambition level of your employees counts towards 10% of the overall theater rating.

Posted by divarin1 2006-09-07

Cinema Business 0.2.4b released, lots of math changes

Changed how the tickets are sold so the game can run faster and smoother, also more acurate percentage of customers will buy concessions and play games. Changed the math around a lot to make the game a bit easier, yet still challenging. Rent inflates now too, inflation rate increased to make the game get harder as you go. The seating capacity can now be increased by remodelling (in the building mode), the cost to remodel increases each time, remodelling also increases your building condition but only by 15%

Posted by divarin1 2006-09-03

Cinema Business 0.2.2 (beta) introduces a new strategy

we all know and love (not really) the fact that most real theaters these days help supplement their income by showing ads before the movie. It's great to pay $10 to get advertised to, really it is!
now you can use this strategy too! in version 0.2.2b you can assign a number (0-10) of ads that can be shown before any given showtime, each ad will give you around $88 a day, but it will drop the popularity of the movie shown in that showtime by 4 points.... read more

Posted by divarin1 2006-08-31

0.2.0b (beta)

this version includes a help file.

made some changes to try to make the game more challenging:

movie popularity is dropped random (1-10) per interval

default interval set to 1 week (7 days)

movies have random classic (1-40) value which prevents their popularity from dropping below that point

building rent & purchase cost increased to be more challenging and more realistic

Posted by divarin1 2006-08-28

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