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Like the great Phoenix - the Dude rises again

Like the great Phoenix - the Dude rises again
We hope 3rd time is the go, today we dust of the ashes and uppload new magic woodden branches. (in plain english: the latest working (working as in "work-in-progres" not "compiles, runs, makes your day" ;) sources have been added to the CVS).

Posted by Fredrik Klasson 2005-04-18

project re-opens ;)

Put the new code in CVS. Currently working on removing some of the outright hacks in libduderino, then adding more functionality to the kmod. Fornt-ends are going to be a bit ignored for the time being.

Posted by Michael Mondragon 2003-11-12

project opens

I've been working on the_dude for about two months now, and have kept it under wraps until I was certain I had a viable implementation. Hopefully the advance copy and the associated papers have not been distributed too freely ;)

Now for the disclaimers:
This is an OFFICIAL PROJECT but there is no OFFICIAL RELEASE. If you cannot get the code to compile or run, you are on your own. The project and the code are now made public for a number of reasons [mostly to use CVS, partly to make pre-release distribution easier, and lastly to share the code with other developers].... read more

Posted by Michael Mondragon 2002-01-18

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