#79 WW: take non-T font from nearest?

WylieWord (12)

Plausibly it would be better if when you did a ] or
ctrl-T, the font (and size and other text properties)
would be taken not from the Options dialog (as
currently) but rather from the textually most recent
bit of non-T text. I.e. should scan back from the
insertion cursor to find the first non-T character and
format the next non-T text that way


  • David Chapman

    David Chapman - 2005-07-09

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    The version checked in today implements a superset of this.
    Now when you switch from TScript to OScript, or vice versa,
    the code looks backward through the document to find the
    last instance of the script type (T or O) and applies the
    formatting of that last instance to the new text. If there
    was no previous OScript, the "Normal" style parameters are
    used. This means that the WylieWord Options dialog no
    longer needs or has OScript font parameters. It retains the
    TScript font parameters, but these are used as defaults only.

    NB that the original RFE was incoherent -- I meant that [
    should switch to the most recent non-T styling, not that ]
    and control-T should.

  • David Chapman

    David Chapman - 2005-07-09
    • status: open --> closed

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