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There is a bug in all current versions of Thatware
(0.4.6 and below). The bug is that when a message is
deleted from the admin page, an integer of 1 is not
subtracted from the Message ID in the MySQL datebase.
Thus, if the count at the bottom of someone's admin
page was 30, then they removed one of their messages,
it would go back down to 29 on the admin page, but
when they added a new one, the database would continue
counting and change it to 31 at the bottom of the
admin page. In other words, when you delete a message,
it subtracts an integer of 1 from the count at the
bottom of the admin page, but as soon as you add a new
message, it skips back up to what it would have been
had the other message not been deleted.

As you can see, however, is that it *should* subtract
an integer of 1, both in the database and on the
bottom of the admin page making it 29. Then, when a
new message is added it would count to 30, both in the
database and on the bottom of the admin page.

I hope I am clear enough about what I am trying to
say, but if not, contact me and I will be happy to


  • David Norman

    David Norman - 2001-06-30
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • David Norman

    David Norman - 2001-06-30

    Logged In: YES

    This is not a bug. The id numbers of stories, messages in
    the queue, and users are are all things set in MySQL as
    auto_increment. That means even if you completely delete a
    record from a table, it will continue to increment the
    count starting from the last record number, even if it
    doesn't exist anymore. That is the way MySQL assures that
    all records in the database are unique. The only way to
    make it go back is to delete all the records from the table.


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