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v1.4 Released! (you must manually download)

I just released v1.4 (it must be manually downloaded due to some changes that caused older versions of the update feature not to work). The update feature should work flawlessly for future versions, sorry for any inconvenience!

Here are the changes:

----------------------------| Version: v1.4 |----------------------------

  • The script has now officially become "thad0ctor's backtrack 5 toolkit"!
  • Added a function to display the Sourceforge Delevopment RSS Feed from
    the information menu and updated the dependencies accordingly
  • Added a quick internet check to the start of the script (see banner)
    and intergrated that with a little notification on the main menu
    to show whether or not the version of the script you are using is
    up to date or not and whether or not you have internet
  • Reworked the menu system to make it a better looking and more compact
  • Added a function from the information menu that shows just the changes
    from the last version of the script
  • Added some basic Wifi attack based tools and utilities, more to come
  • Updated the menu system to compartamentalize the word list tools and
    added an entry for the wifi tools to the main menu
  • Added banners to each menu entry to make things look better and for a
    little self promotion ;)
  • Added feature to display the most recent RSS feed news entry to the
    top of the main menu and the ability to toggle it off
  • Cleaned up the main script file and sourced all functions to their own
    individual scripts nested in orders to make editing and reverse
    engineering the script easier and generally neater
  • Added the script's supporting documents to their own folder to clean
    up the script's file directory
  • Updated the logging function so it now logs user input as well
  • Added GTK functions for the pipal and dictstat analyzation tools
  • Added new banners to the script start up to reflect the script's name
    change to "thad0ctor's backtrack 5 toolkit"
Posted by thad0ctor 2012-08-04

v1.4 in the works...

I just wanted to keep everyone posted on v1.4. There is a lot in store, mostly cosmetic but a lot is designed to help streamline the operation of the script. Also I'm finally transitioning the script to a full BT5 toolkit and not just word list based but that is going to be a work in progress. There are about 2-3 word list tools I want to add before I release it but we'll see how that goes. In the meantime here is what has been added / modified:... read more

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-30

Screenshots updated

The screenshots I had up on the Sourceforge were getting a little dated so I went ahead and updated those and made a few minor tweaks to to SF page to make it a little more presentable. In the near future I plan on making a dedicated web page to supplement this site in addition to providing additional resources and other interesting things I come across on my endeavors. I'll keep everyone posted as I find out more!

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-24

v1.35 released!

Sorry, I guess I pushed out v1.3 a little to prematurely because it had a few bugs I needed to address in v1.35. I managed to fix these add a feature to update crunch and a few changes to make things look better. Enjoy!

From the change log:

  • Added dependency check to see if the newest version of crunch is
    installed on your system
  • Added dependency checks for some dependencies that slipped through
    the cracks
  • Fixed issue with configure functions and the GTK toggle not working
  • Tweaked the main menu to make it look a bit better
  • Fixed a bug with the dependency checks that caused some not to be
    installed even if they were missin
Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-24

v1.3 Released!

Hopefully everyone enjoys v1.3! I put a lot of hard work into and and came up some some pretty unique features in addition to making some well overdue modifications and fixes to existing features. There is so much to cover it is best you check out the change log ;)

  • Added the ability to toggle on and off the banner on script start up
  • Fixed some issues with the configure utility and made it so some of
    its functions are no longer case sensitive in addition to
    eliminating the possibility of misconfiguring certain items and
    making it generally more user friendly
  • Added dependency checks and the installation of missing dependencies
    to the first run of the script
  • Added the ability to force dependency checks even after the first run
  • Added the ability to convert the numbers of a word list into their
    word equivelant
  • Added ATT Mifi wireless hotspots to the list of default passwords
    (I highly suggest you only use the passthrough for this feature)
  • Added the ability to install the script so you can run it from any
    terminal by typing "thad0ctor"
  • Added a feature that removes 's and version info from the script directory
    in order to properly install the script and provide continuity for
    future releases when utilizing the install feature
  • Added the ability to create word lists from an ebook file
    (requires: Calibre)
  • Added the ability to batch convert multiple PDFs and Ebooks into a
    word list (requires: Calibre)
  • Fixed some manipulation tools so they have y/n prompts before they go
    ahead and create / modify word lists
  • Added a feature that installs a shortcut and icon to run the script
    from the Applications > Other menu
  • Made many sed based features i.e. replace, insert etc. so you can now
    edit files in place or create a new file
Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-23

1000+ Downloads!

Thank you very much to everyone who has been downloading and supporting this script! I know 1000 downloads is a minor milestone but its a step in the right direction, thanks a ton everyone and keep your eyes peeled for v1.3 in the near future!

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-18

v1.2 Released!

hey everyone! I had to push out v1.2 a little earlier than I was planning because I discovered yet another error with the updater that caused the script to backup itself even when an update was not available. anyways, 1.2 fixes this issue indefinitely in addition to providing some other updates, improvements and fixes. it is updated on the sourceforge git so you should be able to download the zip from there or use the update function.

here are the changes from the change log:

  • Updated TAPE's Datelist and Word List Manipulator to their most recent
    versions and updated functions to reflect new features
  • Fixed issue when using 3rd party scripts and the conigured color not
    returning to the terminal after use
  • Fixed issue with the updater when a failed internet connection did not
    reroute the use back to the main menu
  • Fixed the wordify function to adjust for prefixes added via TAPE's
  • Cleaned up and compartamentalized the menu system in an attempt to make
    it more user friendly


Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-16

Version 1.1 Released!

I just went ahead and released v1.1! You can get it here on Sourceforge or from the update function within the script without a hitch. I incorporated a few fixes mostly and am currently working on version 1.2 which will have a few more fixes and a handful or new features as well as updated 3rd party tools.

Sorry for the inactivity, TRL has taken hold of me for a bit and I was fresh out of ideas for the script in addition to having limited internet connectivity.... read more

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-07-16

Version 1.0 Released!

I just posted version 1.0 with the following changes:

  • Added the ability to append / prefix a sequence of numbers to the lines
    of a word list
  • Added the ability to append / prefix characters to the words of a word

I'm working on getting the Git up-to-date as we speak. Enjoy!

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-04-29

Version 0.95 released!

I just went ahead and released version 0.95 for hopefully solve some issues I was having with the update feature. I'll be trying to push out version 1.0 today in order to test the update feature, if not by this weekend.

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-04-21

Version 0.9 released

I just released version 0.9 but don't expect the update/auto-update feature to work properly. Git still works if you want to update manaully but I'm going to have to do some tweaking to the update feature it get it to work properly. I should get it up and running tomorrow and I'll update the script to v0.95 for that fix and maybe throw in another feature or two.

Here is what I added to the script in v0.9 in addition to a few minor fixes (from the change log):... read more

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-04-20

Version 0.85 Released!

I just went ahead and released v0.85 to go in conjunction with the newest addition to the script: the ability to pull the latest version via Git. The only feature that was added was an update feature that (if it works correctly, which it should) should allow you to update the script directly from the script provided you have internet access. You can also toggle on and off auto-update so the script will check for updates every time you start the script. Enjoy!

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-04-17

Script Updated to v0.8

I just uploaded v0.8! I hope everyone enjoys it, it most has new manipulation features as well as some minor fixes. Here is what I added (from the Changelog):

---------------------------| Version: v0.8 |-----------------------------

  • Added the ability to invert the character cases of a word list
  • Added the ability to create a word list from a PDF file
  • Added the ability to remove non-ASCII characters from a word list
  • Added the ability to convert most non-ASCII word lists to ASCII
  • Added the ability to reverse the character order of the lines
    of a word list
  • Added the ability to mirror the words of a word list
  • Added the ability to manipulate a single word into a word list with
    slydgotcha's Single Word Manipulation Tool
  • Added the ability to remove blank and commented lines from word lists
Posted by thad0ctor 2012-04-16

First Release

The first release of thad0ctor's BT5 Toolkit has been released to the public. These tools are to be considered in their beta stage so don't be surprised if things seem incomplete. Still, a bulk of the word list tools are available and more are on their way.

The Wifi toolkit is a different story. It is in is very first stage and has a ways to go before I will be comfortable with it. Still, it has some useful tools that could come in handy and there will certainly be more on the way.... read more

Posted by thad0ctor 2012-03-30

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