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Minor Improvements with Version 0.2.4

The newest version (0.2.4) of TextWiz - a small Java tool you'll love to frown upon - has two new minor features. First, a repositionable divider between the two main text fields has been implemented. With it the user can control the amount of space given to each text field on a horizontal level. This new feature can be very useful when a grater portion of one text field is of visual interest to the user and space on the screen or desktop is limited. In general this divider makes working with the text fields in TextWiz somewhat less cumbersome than before.... read more

Posted by Astrometric 2006-02-10

New TextWiz Ver. 0.2.3 Is Here!

The newest version (0.2.3) of TextWiz - the text manipulation tool - is now completed and available for download. This version can expand not just single characters in a text but entire strings (texts) in the text.

Posted by Astrometric 2006-02-07

Unsatisfying Testing Results

The few and sporadic tests of TextWiz that have been performed in the last couple of weeks did not meet the expectations. This means that much more development in the fields of stability, feature richness and speed is needed.

Posted by Astrometric 2006-01-12

Testing Phase Has Begun

With version 0.2.2 of TestWiz now out the serious testing phase for the program has begun. For this the project is looking for tester willing to contribute to TextWiz by finding bugs, errors and other unwanted stuff in the source code.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-28

NEW TEXTWIZ - 0.2.2 Out Now!

The newest version of TextWiz, the text manipulation tool, has just been released. The major enhancements to this version are text information displays (Status Bar) and an undo/redo feature. Development of this project has now progressed so far that TextWiz surpasses its predecessor: StrCase. This is the first real milestone that the project reached. Furthermore a screen shot of the new version 0.2.2 is also available as of now.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-26

New Screenshot of New TextWiz

A new screenshot of TextWiz version 0.2.1 has just been added to the project website. It even shows a bit of text that has been modified.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-22

TextWiz 0.2.1 Released!

TextWiz version 0.2.1 hast just been built and realeased on this website. It has more features and options than the prior version. As always the source code of the entire project is within the JAR file.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-22

Second Release (0.2.0) Available

The second release of TextWiz has now been uploaded. Major changes to be previous version are:
- popup menus in the text boxes
- more text manipulation options
- some minor error handling

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-20

Screenshot of ver. 0.1.0 online

A screenshot of the first release of TextWiz (version 0.1.0) can now be viewed.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-18

First Release

TextWiz version 0.1.0 has now been release. The entire program and source code can be downloaded.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-18

New Screenshots Added

I've just recently add 2 screenshots. The first one features my StrCase, the predecessor of TextWiz. The second screenshot shows a simple GUI design of TextWiz.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-17

first pieces of code

Soon there will be the first upload of java source code for this project and some more information on the ideas behind it all.

Posted by Astrometric 2005-09-16

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