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Text Trix / News: Recent posts

"You're history!"

That's what a mom told me as a kid when I accidentally stepped on her foot. I took her scolding to heart and decided to make file history, tab restoration, and keybindings a part of the Text Trix program's new Prefs section. Tinker with your preferences to customize the program just for you.

Posted by David Young 2003-07-21

Text Trix v.0.3.3 released

Ever tried to indent HTML and wished that all the lines would line up? Programs for text creation often wrap lines back to the left margin, not to the indentation. Text Trix now sports a bolstered auto-indent function to indent wrapped lines, without adding any extra tabs or returns. Other new features include Forward/Back text pad selection for navigating through multiple files; a plug-in model that supports option windows; and the first "trix," or goofy plug-in.

Posted by David Young 2003-07-03

v.0.3.3 release approaches

Ready for auto-indents, plug-in option windows, and our first trix? With nightly snapshots up-and-running again, you can get ready by downloading one ( to give us feedback on last-minute bugs.

Posted by David Young 2003-06-26

Text Trix v.0.3.2 released

Text Trix, the text tinkering tool, now has a plugin architecture to easily add new tools or trix. Not everyone wants the same text manipulators; now each person can pick and choose. What's left is to build a repertoire of plugins.

The main impediment to recent Text Trix development had been getting over the plugin hump. The idea of adding tiny, self-sufficient packages for each new tinkerer proved attractive, but methods to load and use them proved quite the opposite. Also, with the major football season rolling around, work on another text project (tXtFL, became increasingly enticing.... read more

Posted by David Young 2003-03-18

Nearing v.0.3.2 release

Text Trix v.0.3.2 is almost ready. A few bug fixes have entered since the pre-release (see Help us by testing a snapshot from CVS.


Posted by David Young 2003-03-14

Text Trix still around

"Echo!" "Echo!"
"Hi there." "Hi there."
"Howdy." "Howdy."
"We're still here." "You are?"

Yes, Text Trix is still active. I use it every day, including a few new features so far only available in CVS, such as opening multiple files at once.

Why haven't we made a release for so long? We've been concentrating on another effort, a text-based football simulator ( Text is still the name of the game. Which is exactly what we're working on--a game--but keep your eyes posted for our return to the Text Tinker!

Posted by David Young 2003-02-12

TextTrix-0.3.1 released: formatted text and more

TextTrix-0.3.1 has just been released, sporting its HTML and RTF formatted text viewings. Text Trix can optionally employ its tools to selected regions or work on the whole text, and the HTML replacer has been updated. Now we're just waiting for some trix to complement the tools.

Posted by David Young 2002-08-27 initial release

Text Trix has just been released to for the first time. The release downloads point to the new FEATS (v.0.3.0 - FEATure Series) graphical and command-line versions.

Posted by David Young 2002-08-08


Thanks to everyone for trying out our project. Today we have just reached the 100th download. Believe it or not, the developers collectively restrained themselves from downloading a given file more than once total.

Numbers aren't nearly as important as developing the project itself. If you get the chance, please share your Text Trix experience with us.

Posted by David Young 2002-08-08

Txtrx v.0.3.0a: additions from Tools

The Find/Replace and Non-Printing-Characters Display tools have been ported to Txtrx. Command-line editing now supports different groups of files, each with their own set of commands.

Posted by David Young 2002-08-05

Txtrx v.0.3.0 released

Txtrx, the command-line editor of Text Trix, has been updated to match Text Trix v.0.3.0. Well, almost. I forgot to add the non-prininting-character display and find/replace tools. Nor have I done extensive testing. Looks like Txtrx will continual to lag behind its graphical brother for a bit longer.

Posted by David Young 2002-08-05

Website update: Completely new interface

Well, some old concepts remain, but now in a completely revised layout. Complete with new colors, backgrounds, images, blinkers, the works. In particular, please see--and comment on--the features page for moving pix and Text Trix descriptions.

Posted by David Young 2002-07-30

v.0.3.0 released

Yes, our first x.y increment!

Posted by David Young 2002-07-25

tidying up for v.0.3.0

The 0.3.0 series is about to begin! The first release will kick off the new line by finishing up basic interface clean-up from the 0.1.0 series...and pumping out a slew of new tools. Check it out on CVS or wait for the soon-to-come release.

Posted by David Young 2002-07-23

New Motto: Meaningful Mistakes

Thanks to Pat for suggesting the new motto. He only used it as a starting point, but the phrase by itself caught.

Posted by David Young 2002-06-27


Version 0.1.5 is up on CVS and pending release. Big basic user interface improvements over v.0.1.4.

Posted by David Young 2002-06-27

Request: new motto

To prepare for our command-line version and to clear up confusion from our current motto, "a goofy gui editor," we're asking for suggestions on a new catch-phrase.

Email or, or use our survey ( Thanks!

Posted by David Young 2002-05-20

Command-line: txtrx

Plans are under way to make a command-line version of Text Trix. The version would apply the same practical and goofy features to the given text files. GNU's GCJ should allow this alternative Text Trix to run without the Java Runtime Environment, lightening the download and each start-up time considerably.

The user could fire up the program at the command prompt with:
$ txtrx [options] files

Please let us know your thoughts on this concept!

Posted by David Young 2002-05-20


v.0.1.4 is pending release, barring any last-minute bugs. The latest-and-greatest (almost) is up on CVS.

Posted by David Young 2002-04-28

Firsrt Screenshot

We have our first screenshot, an animated image demonstrating the hard return remover. Thanks to some of Albert's suggestions, we should be sprucing it up sometime.

Posted by David Young 2002-04-15

New public description

Thanks to Albert's suggestion, Text Trix has a new Public Description on this page.

The Public Description shows up on the Text Trix project page as well as in the SourceForge searches and New Release postings.

We're wide open for any comments or suggestions!

Posted by David Young 2002-04-14


We've released another snapshot of v.0.1.4! Functionality for daily use is gathering speed as undo/redo functions are available, as well as a more straightforward way to save files. A win standalone executable might become available eventually.

Posted by David Young 2002-04-11


v.0.1.4 has quite a ways to go before fulfilling its many new features, but an early snapshot should become available soon. Its main features include a dramatically re-vamped tab/text-area synchronization and new help entries.

Posted by David Young 2002-03-28

hi bye

We have a new Text Trix staff member! Welcome, bye--yes, that's his name--to our goofy editor.

Posted by David Young 2002-03-28