All data gone

  • Dave

    Dave - 2007-10-03

    I just saved my data and ALL my data just disappeared. The file used to be
    70kb, now its 8kb and NO QUOTATIONS are in the quotebook. The backups are
    empty, too, even though the files are bigger. This is a major bug, and as this is 6 weeks worth of research that just went down the drain, I can NOT recommend this program. The back up files weren't working in the first place, by the way. Anyway , any ideas regarding data recovery?

    • Erik Norvelle

      Erik Norvelle - 2007-10-03

      See if you can't attach one of your backup files to the bug report you posted via the Tracker.  If you can't, send an email to enorvelle (at) with the backup files (all of them that you have) attached, and I'll see if I can't recover the data.

      Did you happen to delete some categories right before the data loss happened?  That's a bug that had caused data loss for other people with Version 1.0.  There's a new V1.0.1 that fixes that bug.

      In general, any information that you can give about what you were doing when the data occurred occurred would be helpful.  Did you add a new author/publication?  Did you delete categories/authors/publications/citations?  Rearrange things in the category tree? Etc.  Otherwise I have no way of knowing what to look for.


    • Dave

      Dave - 2007-10-10

      Thanks for the quick response and for fixing it. And for restoring my data! I really appreciate this!!! It IS a great little program and that's why i was so bummed that it didn't work. Again, thanks a lot!!!


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