How can I merge two CiteBook databases?


    MEHJG - 2009-07-01

    Is it possible to merge two separate CiteBook database files? Since my main file just got wiped out and I can't get to my backup for another two weeks, I'd like to continue taking notes on new sources and merge the new CiteBook with the backup of the one I just lost when I return from my trip, since all the citations are part of the same research project.

    • Erik Norvelle

      Erik Norvelle - 2009-07-01

      Currently there's no way to merge two CiteBooks.  This is planned for the next release of TextCite, and the code is about halfway done.  Unfortunately, my thesis deadline is coming up, and I can't spare the time to finish TextCite 2.0 until then.

      The best thing I can think of is to enter your citations in a Word or OpenOffice document (not in a CiteBook!), perhaps using the footnote feature to attach comments and category assignments.  Then, when you get back you can manually transfer the citations to TextCite.  One by one, alas...

      Best of luck, and enjoy your trip!


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