Snow Leopard compatible?


    MEHJG - 2009-09-09

    Does TextCite work OK on Snow Leopard? Right now TextCite is a "mission critical" app for me, so I can't upgrade if it doesn't work... and I don't have the time to reinstall my OS twice right now (going back to Leopard if it they don't get along).

    • Erik Norvelle

      Erik Norvelle - 2009-09-11

      Dear Fr Matthew,

      There shouldn't be any problem with TextCite under Snow Leopard, since the Java system installed will be the same (i.e. J2SE 1.6).  I'm currently working on resolving the various issues that have cropped up for TextCite under the most recent Java versions, so if anything weird occurs on Snow Leopard, you can let me know and I should be able to resolve the issue quickly.

      That said, if you want a bit of unsolicited advice from my years as a system admin, it's usually best to wait to upgrade to a new version of an operating system until (at minimum) the first bug-fix release.  There are *always* weird issues that crop up when an OS is first released, whereas the first "point" release will usually have taken care of these initial issues.

      Cheers, Erik

      • MEHJG

        MEHJG - 2009-09-11

        Dear Eric,

        Thanks for the advice!  It looks like Apple just released the first bug fix for Snow Leopard, so I guess it's not a bad time to upgrade.

        God bless!
        Fr Matthew


    MEHJG - 2009-09-16

    P.S. Good news! I have tried running Textcite on Mac OS 10.6.1 and have had no issues. I haven't done more than add citations to an existing database and save changes, but at least that works well.  I'll keep you posted if anything misbehaves.


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