A few weeks ago, I used TXS for a LaTeX course, to students who had never used LaTeX before. They liked it! One issue arised, though, when a student (under Mac OS X 10.5) tried to install it at home, after the lesson: she couldn't... (more precisely, the computer said "unable to launch TXS" or sth like that). Then I checked on the TXS website and, indeed, the current versions of TXS are labelled for OS X 10.7.5 and 10.8; so I guessed it was a compatibility problem between OS X versions. 

Even though OS X 10.5 is not an up-to-date version, it seems it's still used (dunno... I'm not a Mac user). Hence my question: would it be possible to keep on your website a (previous) version of TXS compatible with older versions of OS X ?

 (It turned out the student finally managed to install TXS, by finding a previous version compatible with OS X 10.5 (TXS 2.3) in the 5th page of a Google search... But other could be in the same situation in the futur...)