2012/11/27 Tim Hoffmann <hoffmann@hiskp.uni-bonn.de>
Ok, it seems there is a confict here between easy use with default
inline parameters and using a latexmkrc file. However, still I'd leave
the inline version the default. I think it's most important that the
first and simplest step (likely clicking latexmk in the menu) has
reasonable output. The options should be set in a way so that this works
without knowing more about latexmk except that "latexmk automates the
generation of the document."
If you are already putting options in a configuration file, you're
likely an advanced user of latexmk.

What about having, in the latexmk menu, a submenu for those two (or more) latexmk? I mean something like:
 - latexmk > "default settings" (or "pdf output")
                > "with a latexmkrc file"
 - LaTeX
with the appropriate option(s) running behind those latexmk commands.

This would be helpfull in the following case (where a complete beginner in latexmk is asked to use a latexmkrc file): 
  - Alice creates a .tex file and a latexmkrc; 
  - She sends everything to Bob, telling him: "compile with latexmk, and do not worry about the appropriate compilation options because my file latexmkrc will deal with it";
=> if Bob never used latexmk, he will just click on latexmk and surely wonder why the click do not use the latexmkrc file. :-(
If there is sth similar as the above idea of the submenu, Alice can tell him: use the click "latexmk with latexmkrc file". So Bob, who never used latexmk before, will be happy :-)

That way, both a beginner trying to use latexmk and a beginner asked to use a latexmkrc file, can manage it in a very simple way, without changing command lines in the configuration menu (which is a bit out of reach for a beginner).


Doctorant / PhD student,
Institut de mathématiques de Toulouse