Hi Jerry,

Do you mean in TeXstudio interface appearance - or more likely in your *LaTeX documents?

If in LaTeX documents, you'd do well to head over to another users' group, perhaps looking into luaLaTeX or XeTeX related approaches, or if you really want to, learning about installing .otf and .ttf fonts into  whatever LaTeX distribution you are using? 


On 24 February 2013 07:42, Jerry <jerry@seibercom.net> wrote:
I presently have "TeXstudio 2.5.2" installed. I have been using
TeXstudio for over a year now with good success. The one problem I have
is the use of "script" fonts. There are dozens of them on my Windows
machine, and of course I could download dozens more; however, I do not
know how to use them in TeXstudio.

Does TeXstudio come with any "script" fonts? Is there a relatively easy
way to use the fonts on a Windows machine with TeXstudio?


Jerry ♔

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