On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 10:26 AM, A.J. Bonnema <> wrote:

I just discovered TeXStudio and I am pretty happy with what it does for me.

I wanted to quickly check out the sources. However, the webpages of
TeXStudio do not indicate how to get the source from subversion. There
is a tarball, but I usually prefer accessing the most recent sources.

Maybe an idea to add one or two lines with the svn command to check out
the sources? Maybe to the page that says "CompileTXS" or to the main page?

For the time being I will download the tarball and check that out.


I often compile (f6), view (f7), check the result and quickly want to
close the viewer. However, I have to move from keyboard to mouse to do
that at the moment. The options do not provide a shortcut for closing
the viewer (there is one for opening). So, I wanted to check out the
sources and see if that is not too difficult to add.

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