Hi TeXStudio Developers,

I am thinking of integrating a Q-circuit package into TeX or TeXStudio. The Q-circuit is widely used in information science community to draw circuits in LaTeX, but the previous package has some problems for usage. I would like to know if any of you have any ideas or is there anyone who would like to help develop this project. Here is the webpage of Q-circuit: http://www.cquic.org/Qcircuit/

I am not an expert in LaTeX or TeXStudio. Here are some basic expects to develop the project.

Problems and expected improvements of the previous Q-circuit package:
1. it is hard to insert a new circuit element into a circuit code. To be specific, since the circuit is encoded in a table formation, if one wants to add a single element, one has to redesign the whole table to make a good fit. I notice that TeXStudio has a function to import table from an Excel table. My question is: can anyone help extend the importing tables function of TeXStudio to make a similar function to import a table of circuit elements to make a Q-circuit in LaTeX? Putting the circuit elements in an excel table is much easier than in latex code.

2. The Q-circuit package is using xy-pic, which is problematic when one compile it with dvips. To be specific, when people submit a tex file with Q-circuit codes to arXiv and compile it with dvips, the circuit doesn't show up as it is with pdflatex compiler. Therefore, maybe it is better to use other package, like Tikz, or to completely write the macro in TeX language. Any idea? And how to implement it?

3. Users have difficulties to draw the circuits in blind coding. Can you give an idea of how to make a See-As-You-Draw interface compatible with TeXStudio or other TeX editors? Is there any project for reference? We can write an interface in Python, as some of my colleagues can do this job.

Thanks for reading and getting me back! Wish you can make this project happen in the TeXStudio and LaTeX community!

Best wishes,