if someone knows how to edit the mktexrc, he is also able to adapt the latexmk command in the options/command.
The majority is happy to have a simple predefined build system...


Denis Bitouzé <dbitouze@wanadoo.fr> hat geschrieben:
Le lundi 26/11/12 à 19h00,
Tim Hoffmann <hoffmann@hiskp.uni-bonn.de> a écrit :

> > Your life would be simpler with it :) 
> Well, so far I was quite happy with our internal build system :)

For large documents with bibliographies, glossaries, indexes (like
theses for instance :) I guess the TXS internal build system would not
be as efficient as latexmk and you wouldn't have the guarantee of a
real up to date documents. For this matter, latexmk is really powerful
(but OK, latexmk is very bad for editing .tex files: every man to his
own trade ;)

> >> so I'm not familiar with the options. Would it
> >> make sense to have an additional
> >> latexmk %
> >> next to the other settings (maybe also as default)? 
> > If "%" stands for the current (master) .tex file, yes: once again, a
> > user who decides to make use of latexmk is enough experienced to
> > know what he is doing and how the latexmk default behaviour can be
> > changed. 
> Not necessarily. Take me for an example. If I now switch to latexmk
> because of your recommendation, I have no clue which options exist
> (and I probably won't start reading the doc beforehand).

Yes, but I advised it to you because you are not a beginner :)

> So I would
> be happy to have reasonable defaults.

OK. The latexmk default compiler is latex so a dvi output file. I guess
that if you doesn't want dvi file and/or if your file couldn't be
compiled with dvi output (for instance because of .png or .pdf graphic
files), you will, as a non beginner, understand what's going on and
search either in the doc or on the Web how to get a pdf output.

> That may be the bare command, but not necessarily. For example the
> default pdflatex has additional options "-synctex=1
> -interaction=nonstopmode" in TXS, which is reasonable.
> Now I can't judge on latexmk, but I think there was some reason that
> Benito or Jan chose these options.
> In short, I can additionally put "latexmk %" into the selection.

Yes thanks.

> But someone else has to decide which command should be default.

What could be nice would be to add hints to make these commands a bit
more explicit:

  1. "latexmk %"

  Default behaviour, takes in account possible customized
  initialization file (e.g. "latexmkrc" or ".latexmkrc") --- see
  latexmk documentation.

  2. latexmk -dvi -silent -latex="latex -src %%O %%S" %

  Dvi output.

  3. latexmk -pdf -silent -pdflatex="pdflatex -synctex=1 %%O %%S" %

  Pdf output.

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