The default settings are -synctex=1.

I don't think evince has a proper backward search. You basically would have to tell evince to call "texstudio <file> -line <line>".  But I can't give you support for evince that's the job of the evince guys. This seems like a hacky way around it:
I didn't look into the details, so I can't tell if it really works.

Am 03.08.2013 06:34, schrieb Xiaodong Qi:

Dear TexStudio community,

I tried configuring TexStudio in Ubuntu 12.04 to work for forward and inverse search between source code and the pdf file, but I did not make it work as expected. I wish you can give me some idea to realize it or you can implement it if this hasn't been realized.

I used the default setting with --Syntex=-1 command for compiling pdflatex with evince pdf reader. Forward search (source to pdf) seems working immediately after compiling yet not responding for any click in the source code. I haven't figured out how to do the inverse search after GOOGLING online and many trials.

Welcomed is any of  your voice. Thanks.


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