TexStudio keeps resetting some of my settings, particularly:

How so?

If you disable these options, they should stay disabled forever.

On 06/14/2013 01:45 AM, Nicholas Hamilton wrote:
Hello TexStudio Users,

Firstly, love the platform, but there is ONE behaviour which drives me bananas.

TexStudio keeps resetting some of my settings, particularly:
  1. It re-enables "Auto Complete Parenthesis" and
  2. It re-enables "Complete selected text when non-word character is pressed"
Is there any way to completely remove, in all possible definitions of the word, any resemblance to an autocomplete feature, it is such a hindrance, especially seeing as though '{' is deemed as being a "non word character", therefore, so often typing in a macro (when starting the arguments) will cause TexStudio to Auto-complete it to the first item in the list which may be something completely different and unrelated.

Kindest Regards,

Nicholas Hamilton

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