I think it should work with your settings.

Can you start the LT gui from the command line,  before running txs?
Then it should print, how much text it is checking.

Or run a network sniffer on localhost to log the packets txs sends?
(might be difficult on Windows, perhaps use your network address instead of localhost in the LT/TXS config)

Have you checked the Anzeige\Grammatikfehler\Grammatikfehler option? If it is not checked the errors are not displayed.

That's good

So LanguageTool is listening. The java exception is probably due to the malformed url.

that might help, but it should even work without
Which sentence?
How did the document in txs look?


On 10/28/2012 12:29 PM, Markus Sonderegger wrote:

Can anybody point me to the error I do when trying to configure grammar checking in TXS?

I am a german speaking user of TXS and LanguageTool and my regional settings are German ( Switzerland ).



Any help is greatly appreciated






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