TeXstudio, formerly known as TexMakerX, is a platform-independent LaTeX editor which gives you advanced possibilities to write your texts, like interactive spell/syntax checking, syntax highlighting, code folding, auto completion, and more.
It also integrates all LaTeX tools into one application, so you can start all command chains with just one key press.

Beside the forced change of the project name, the most important new features are continuous scrolling and asynchronous rendering in the internal pdf viewer.
Also the concept of key replacements was abandoned, and replace with trigger strings, which call a user defined macro, whenever a certain word is written.
Additionally, the internal preview does now support included files, the completer keeps a list of most used commands, profiles can be loaded/saved, more environments are syntax highlighted, ...

And as usual we fixed many bugs and also improved other features.

You can download this TeXstudio release from:

(copied from the TeXstudio news)